4 Steps to Living in The Moment

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  • Hey there is some physics prsoseofr that was using video games to visualize’ a black hole given the formula for calculating a black hole and how it bends light. This was then made part of some planetarium display in I think Ohio.While this is a funny video it illustrates some basic concepts in a movie. A subject has to in whatever crude way be isolated from the landscape or background.Using someone to hold the actor like this to indicate movement flowing illustrates a fundamental about seeing motion in a movie, we are little conscious of seeing’ motion. The motion seeing channel in vision is color blind’, has at least ten times fewer contributions to vision to the brain, and the seeing of motion essentially makes one aware that when you go from point A to point B you are the same person from point A to point B.In other words seeing motion is seeing wholeness’ in a moving object apart from the landscape.To finish up the physicist illustrating the black hole said he thought people would end up using video game tools as a key visualization’ method to do physics.thanks,Doyle Saylor

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